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for the digital age.

Innovative, powerful, scalable and future-proof technologies are the cornerstone of every successful organization today. Work with experts who build and deliver impactful digital ecosystems that lead organizations from around the world on a path to success.

Accelerating business with proven technologies.

Building successful digital platforms requires both a deep understanding of organizations’ short, mid and long-term business objectives, and experience in selecting and leveraging the right technologies to a create competitive advantage and market edge.

Okoone’s mission is to enable organizations to unlock new market opportunities, engage their customers, and accelerate their business, by providing the highest level of technical expertise with today’s web, mobile, data and enterprise technologies.

Work with technologies
that enable success.

Okoone’s experts have a deep understanding of the latest digital technologies & trends, with extensive hands-on experience leveraging engineering solutions that allow organizations and businesses to reach their short and long-term goals, effectively achieving their vision.

Future proof

Ensure the success of your short and long-term digital initiatives by selecting proven technologies.


Ensure your digital product’s long-term capacity for feature, userbase and data growth.


Implement strict security safeguards and protect business, organizational & user data.


Lead innovation and gain a competitive edge in your industry by leveraging new technologies.

Fast time-to-market

Release and grow digital products in record time through carefully selected technologies.

High performance

Build, manage & maintain feature-rich digital products by selecting the best-performing technologies.


Ensure your digital product adapts to evolving market requirements by integrating extensible technologies.

Cost effective

Optimize and control expenditure by properly planning and scaling your digital products & platforms.

Native, Hybrid, Wearable & IoT

Mobile technologies maximizing digital impact.

Designing, building and delivering world-class mobile applications requires understanding how to properly leverage mobile technologies, broad experience in designing engaging user experiences and extensive knowledge of mobile ecosystems.

Okoone’s teams help organizations select and implement future-proof, state-of-the-art mobile technologies to create amazing mobile experiences for millions of users around the world, letting them connect with each other and achieve more in their daily lives.

  • iOS / Android native applications

  • Hybrid mobile applications

  • Wearables apps

  • Connected devices applications (IoT)

  • Smart TV apps

iOS application technologies

Properly architecting Apple iPhone, iPad & tvOS mobile applications with future-proof frameworks and robust development libraries makes a tremendous difference in performance, maintainability, extensibility – and ultimately – the return on investment organizations can expect.

Okoone’s teams of mobile experts provide extensive knowledge & experience in UI/UX design & iOS mobile development, constantly monitoring the latest Apple-related trends to ensure they leverage best-in-breed technologies for each client.

Objective-C development >
Swift development >
Core Data development >

tvOS development >
watchOS development >
iOS development >

Android application technologies

Android’s technology ecosystem is rich, powerful and complex. Harnessing its full potential, using the most relevant technology stack, is key to the success of any Android application.

Our teams of mobile experts design, develop and deliver engaging, feature-rich and high-performance applications, keeping constant sight of the latest Android trends and innovations.

Kotlin development >
Java development >
Android Wear development >

Kotlin development >
Android development >
AndroidTV development >

Hybrid application technologies

The recent rise of hybrid mobile technologies has created amazing opportunities for organizations to achieve fast time to market and reduce development costs for mobile applications that do not require the same level of performance and OS integration that the native ones provide.

Okoone’s mobile experts have in-depth experience with all major hybrid development frameworks available today, helping organizations find the right foundations for their mobile development strategy.

React Native development >
Flutter development >

iOnic development >
Cordova development >

Best-in-class mobile experience crafted by our teams.


Web technologies leading innovation.

World-class web applications are built with well-established, future-proof, secure and scalable web technologies, encompassing programming languages, web application frameworks, databases and many more components. Carefully assembling the right technology stack to develop web applications is key for today’s organizations to reach their targets.

Our consultants, product management and web engineering experts provide organizations around the globe with in-depth digital product experience and broad expertise in web technologies to help them innovate and accomplish their objectives.

  • Frontend web technologies

  • Backend web technologies

Frontend development technologies

Traditional frontend web development involves languages such as HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, etc. Several frontend frameworks have emerged over recent years, letting developers build sleek and fast single-page web applications that behave like standalone apps, preloading parts of the backend logic directly in the browser, closer to the user.

At Okoone, our web experts have extensive knowledge and experience with frameworks – such as Angular, React, Vue.js and Ember.js – and select them agnostically on a per-project basis, ensuring successful product development and delivery.

VueJS development >
JS development >
CSS development >

HTML development >
Tailwind development >
Ember.js development >

Backend development technologies

With a vast array of programming languages, development frameworks, web servers, relational & non-relational databases, API frameworks, caching servers and more, web backend is an ocean of diverse technologies needed to scaffold and build effective web applications.

Our backend experts know how to navigate these technologies, understanding their unique interactions, and design a comprehensive architecture and technological stack to best address critical business and product requirements.

TypeScript development >
Python development >
Express.js development >
MyBatis development >
CodeIgniter development >
.NET development >
JavaScript development >
Ruby development >

C# development >
Node.js development >
Nest.js development >
Grails development >
Yii development >
Java development >
React development >
Next.js development >

Zend development >
Meteor.js development >
Spring development >
Symfony development >
Ruby on Rails >
StrongLoop development >
Laravel development >


eCommerce platforms & CMS to drive business.

Organizations do not have to reinvent the wheel to get ideas off the ground. Ready-to-go web platforms can create a business edge by offering unparalleled feature sets and fast time-to-market. Properly customizing and integrating these platforms plays a crucial role in generating and sustaining growth, and continuously adapting to new business and market demands.

Okoone’s CMS and eCommerce experts provide detailed guidance, tailored interface design, and effective system integration to quickly enter the market while keeping platforms future-proof and cost-effective.

  • Content Management System

  • eCommerce platforms


Discover technologies that achieve your goals.

Okoone’s teams of experts help organizations carefully select and leverage relevant technologies to plan, build and release impactful, future-ready digital products to their audience quickly and cost-effectively.

  • 1

    Audit your current technology ecosystem

  • 2

    Outline the functional & technical product specifications

  • 3

    Define the audience and target market

  • 4

    Plan a time to market & ROI strategy

  • 5

    Design a detailed action plan & roadmap

  • 6

    Onboard a team of digital consultants & start delivering

Microsoft Azure >
Kubernetes >
Jenkins >


Scaling businesses with cloud computing.

Cloud infrastructure providers – such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – constantly offer more granularity and control over their services, driving digital products that offer increasingly advanced features and reach gigantic scales at minimum cost with top-level security.

Work with our cloud experts to leverage the full range of possibilities offered by the world’s leading cloud computing platforms and create powerful, secure, scalable and future-ready digital products.

  • PaaS / IaaS infrastructure

  • Compliance and governance

  • Cloud security

  • Cloud native

Data & Artificial intelligence

Building intelligence with data technologies.

Data is the centerpiece of all digital products. Not only is data a valuable resource stored in powerful databases propelling digital platforms, but it is also leveraged by advanced technologies, tools & practices to generate even greater value.

In providing data analytics that allow organizations to make more informed business decisions, or building extremely sophisticated applications self-recognizing complex data patterns – that would otherwise require tedious hard-coding or be nearly impossible to create – data and artificial intelligence offer virtually infinite opportunities to generate tremendous value from information buried in databases.

Okoone’s data intelligence experts help your organization design and implement comprehensive data handling infrastructures, set up and perform advanced data analytics & reporting, and engineer disruptive deep learning & AI-based digital applications.

  • Databases

  • Business intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML)

enterprise digital technologies

Solutions for enterprise digital transformation.

Organizations need to rely on well-established enterprise solutions as they grow and scale; from sales & customer relations, talent acquisition, resource planning and performance management, to various other critical aspects of their business operations, enterprise solutions as a service (SaaS) dramatically increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency across teams and departments.

Okoone’s system integration experts guide you through the complex process of auditing and identifying operational challenges, and resolving them by integrating unified enterprise platforms, allowing your organization to grow and focus on its core mission.

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