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Digital transformation is the profound shift in the way we live, work and interact, toward an increasingly intelligent world, giving people and organizations the power to make a more meaningful impact. This world of opportunity represents a great challenge for organizations that need to adapt the way they operate, rethink their product & service lines, select and implement the right digital technologies, and more.

Our experience guiding organizations from diverse industries through successful digital change reveals the importance of defining the specifics of the transformation before deciding on the appropriate technologies, evolving the business model to accommodate new digital offerings, developing strong organizational transformation and improving management digital competency.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector has undergone rapid digital change over the last decade, notably in terms of optimizing administrative and operations management, and offering advanced remote and onsite patient care.

Despite this rapid change, the industry still faces multiple challenges, particularly reliance on legacy systems and significant regulatory & security constraints, often impeding the pace of its digital transformation.

Partnering with digital experts with extensive knowledge of system audits, regulatory compliance and data, software & network security enables healthcare organizations to use technology in service of constantly improving living conditions around the globe.

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Media & Entertainment

The surge of remote work from home – along with evolving generational behaviors – has radically changed the face of the media & entertainment industry over recent years.

In practice, two major trends are shaping the industry: a phenomenal rise in media consumption, and the widespread emergence of new players streaming their content direct-to-the-consumer (D2C).

Okoone’s digital experts help major media & entertainment organizations by leveraging web, mobile, TV and data technologies to create unique user experiences, changing the way people consume media; and in transitioning monetization models from a pure subscriber count to a lifetime customer value approach, enable greater profitability amid fierce global competition.

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Public Sector

After years of digitizing scattered paper-based processes, many governmental institutions and public entities have adopted a holistic approach to digital transformation – or at least recognized the need.

By integrating processes and systems close to organizations’ core functions and improving their ability to quickly reconfigure and adapt to a frequently changing environment as needed, digital transformation allows the public sector to redefine its main goals and unique value.

Public organizations face many challenges as they transition to the digital age. Okoone’s teams of consultants and engineers leverage the latest innovations in web, mobile, data intelligence, AI, machine learning and cloud to ensure that public organizations can overcome these challenges and better focus on their mission.

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Initially introducing digital innovation at a slower pace than other closely related industries such as retail, logistics is now joining the forefront, opening the door to tremendous opportunities.

Through deploying cutting-edge solutions to enable integration with global marketplaces and vendors, manage domestic & cross-border eCommerce shipments, track parcels around the world in real-time, and allow full-scale warehouse management, digital transformation is becoming an utmost priority for logistics players across the board. Digital transformation also brings important environmental benefits by increasing transport efficiency and greatly lowering energy consumption and emissions, especially during the last-mile delivery.

Major logistics organizations benefit from Okoone’s experts’ extensive knowledge & experience with both advanced technologies and the logistics industry to design, develop and manage innovative digital solutions built for next-gen service demand.

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Retail & eCommerce

Shopping online has become a normal activity across the world. An ever-growing demand has launched a race between marketers to reach and retain consumers effectively, making digital transformation crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, customers look for convenience over brand loyalty, favoring better pricing, ease of pick-up, and timely order deliveries & returns. Brands, on the other hand, leverage omni-channel marketing coupled with direct-to-consumer platforms providing a seamless purchase & payment experience, robust warehousing & delivery, smart location-based merchandising, and deeper insights into customer behavior to offer personalized recommendations.

The technological landscape shaping tomorrow’s eCommerce success is rich and complex. Okoone helps marketplaces, e-merchants and brands make the right technological choices and operate their platform in a way that maximizes customer reach, engagement and conversion—while reducing operational costs & logistical challenges, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Banking & Finance

The rise of self-service banking, investment and crypto-currency digital platforms, and a shift towards a customer-centric model have set new horizons for banking and financial institutions over recent years.

In practice, digital transformation allows banking & finance institutions to acquire & onboard customers more efficiently, let customers seamlessly perform transactions & investments, and provide personalized offerings by leveraging data technologies to better understand customer behaviors, improve customer support through virtual assistants, enhance security & compliance, and more.

Okoone’s experts help banking & finance institutions modernize their legacy technology infrastructure and leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, cloud computing, and big data analytics to offer more relevant products and services that align with customer needs.

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Electronics & High-Tech

Connected products have entered everyone’s lives and offer exciting customer-centric experiences, requiring electronics & tech manufacturers to digitally transform their operations to support new products and business models.

Connected products generate massive volumes of valuable data across production, supply chains, and customers usage. Cloud computing gives organizations the ability to gather & manage this data, and unlock its tremendous value with technologies such as edge computing, IoT, AI and advanced analytics to provide accurate, real-time information — enhancing products, services and business processes.

Okoone helps innovative organizations establish a comprehensive product strategy from ideation to market release, leveraging the best technologies from advanced AI to cutting-edge mobile & web applications — enabling electronics and high-tech brands to deliver game-changing connected products that excel in the market.

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With the shift towards 5G, the convergence of traditional telecommunications with the internet, and widespread remote work; consumers and businesses are increasingly reliant on digital communication, prompting telecommunications companies to adapt to the growing demand for advanced services.

Telecom service providers can meet this demand by implementing new digital technologies to improve customer experience through customer relationship solutions & ai-based virtual assistants, enhance resource planning & strategic development by producing data-driven insights, reduce operational costs by analyzing customer usage patterns, offer value-based TV streaming services, and more.

By providing digital consultancy and leveraging a wide range of advanced technologies, Okoone helps telecommunications companies navigate their digital transformation, enabling successful agile business models that quickly respond to market changes.

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Travel & Tourism

With the rise of online booking & review platforms and the increasing importance of sustainable & experiential tourism practices, the travel and tourism industry has evolved significantly over the years — making it easier than ever for people to plan, book, travel and share their experiences.

To stay ahead in a fiercely competitive environment, organizations must embrace digital transformation and adopt relevant technologies to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and boost efficiency and profitability. Digital transformation enables travel and tourism businesses to maximize their online presence to better reach, engage & retain new customers, gain a deep understanding of usage patterns, and target customers more effectively by leveraging data & analytics.

Okoone’s consultants, project managers, software engineers and data analysts provide their knowledge and experience to help tourism organizations build advanced mobile & web solutions using cloud computing, AI, machine learning, data analytics technologies, and more.

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