Going’s staggering travel deal success story

Going, an innovative online travel company, employs over 50 professionals. Their mission centers on helping travelers save money on air travel, making global exploration more accessible and affordable.

The company’s primary goal is to lower travel costs for customers so that they can explore new destinations without breaking the bank.

How Going’s subscriptions make travel affordable

Going’s business model features a tiered subscription service to promote flexibility and affordability to its users. The free plan provides essential notifications about flight deals, aimed at budget-conscious travelers.

For those seeking more comprehensive services, the premium plan, priced at $16.58 per month, includes advanced features such as early access to deals, premium customer support, and exclusive offers.

Why timely flight deals set them apart

Going distinguishes itself in a highly saturated market by delivering timely and personalized notifications about flight deals from nearby airports – a critical feature for travelers who need to act quickly to secure the best prices.

The company’s proprietary algorithms continuously scan for deals so that customers receive the most relevant and up-to-date information – saving their users money while simplifying the travel planning process..

Innovating to tackle scalability challenges in marketing

Overcoming manual testing roadblocks

Before partnering with Unbounce, Going faced complex scalability issues in their marketing efforts. Creating multiple landing pages for testing different elements was a manual and labor-intensive process. This was time-consuming and prone to human error.

Managing and tracking numerous URLs added layers of complexity, leading to inefficiencies and a higher likelihood of mistakes.

Inefficiencies hindered the team’s ability to run effective and scalable marketing campaigns, limiting their capacity to test and iterate quickly.

Solving their data collection problem

Collecting actionable data from these manual tests proved to be another major challenge. The fragmented nature of the testing setup made it difficult to gather and analyze data comprehensively.

Without reliable data, the team struggled to make informed decisions about which elements of their marketing strategy were most effective – and this lack of clarity impeded their ability to optimize campaigns and improve conversion rates.

Precision marketing metrics

Fixing the metrics tracking issue

Accurately measuring essential metrics was a hurdle for Going. Their previous method – a 50/50 split using different URLs – often resulted in skewed data.

Inaccurate tracking made it challenging to determine which version of a landing page was performing better.

Data discrepancies compromised the integrity of their A/B testing efforts, leading to misguided decisions and less effective marketing strategies.

Simplifying complex marketing setups

Going’s marketing setup was very complex, adding to the team’s struggles. The intricate process required to manage and track these tests wasted valuable time and resources, reducing overall efficiency.

The convoluted nature of their testing approach consumed more time and led to inaccurate data collection, which in turn limited their ability to fine-tune their marketing tactics. Collectively, these issues hindered progress, preventing them from achieving the desired level of precision in their campaigns.

3 secrets behind Going’s major boost in trial starts

1. Personalizing the travel experience for users

Understanding the audience at a granular level is key for Going to deliver personalized travel experiences. Going realized that personalization drives higher engagement and customer satisfaction.

Gaining deeper insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and travel habits, the company aimed to tailor its services more precisely through collecting and analyzing data on customer interactions, booking patterns, and feedback. Personalization helped both in retaining existing customers and in attracting new ones by offering relevant and customized travel deals.

2. Leveraging customer segmentation for better engagement

Going focused on segmenting its potential customers into distinct cohorts based on criteria such as travel frequency, preferred destinations, budget, and past booking behavior.

As such, Going created targeted marketing campaigns and personalized content that resonated with each group.

For instance, frequent travelers might receive notifications about business class deals, while budget-conscious travelers might get alerts about the best economy class fares. Such tailored communication helps in engaging customers more effectively and improving conversion rates.

3. Crafting content that resonates with every user

In building a robust understanding of what motivates each group, Going created content that appealed directly to them, including personalized emails, customized landing pages, and targeted social media ads.

The aim here was to provide relevant information and offers that align with each customer’s travel aspirations and financial capabilities.

For example, a young professional interested in adventure travel would receive content about exciting destinations and activities, while a family planning a vacation might get information about family-friendly deals and accommodations. This precise targeting helped in building stronger customer relationships and driving higher engagement.

How Unbounce transformed Going’s marketing

Streamlining testing for maximum impact

Going tapped into Unbounce’s no-code A/B testing tool to streamline its testing and optimization processes, eliminating the need for multiple URLs, and allowing the company to test different landing page variants using a single URL.

This made sure that an even number of users see each variant, providing more accurate and reliable data, which in turn saved time and reduced the potential for errors. Team were then free to focus on analyzing results and making data-driven decisions. Simplifying the testing process, Going quickly iterated on landing page designs and messaging to find the most effective combinations.

Boosting traffic splitting accuracy with Unbounce

Accurate traffic splitting is the key to reliable A/B testing. Unbounce’s tool facilitates this by letting Going split traffic evenly between different landing page versions using a single URL. This prevents issues related to mismatched sample ratios and makes sure that the data collected is representative and actionable.

Accurate traffic splitting helps Going in making informed decisions about which landing page elements perform best, leading to improved user engagement and higher conversion rates. Maintaining consistency in its traffic distribution, the company could trust the insights gained from their A/B tests and implement changes with confidence.

Capitalizing on Unbounce’s expert concierge services

Why personalized support made the difference

Going greatly benefits from the personalized support and resources provided by Unbounce’s professional services (Concierge) team. These CRO experts provided tailored assistance to help Going maximize its marketing efforts.

From providing strategic advice to troubleshooting technical issues, the Concierge team made sure that Going’s campaign ran smoothly and achieved the desired outcomes.

Personalized support can’t be overstated, particularly for a company looking to scale its marketing efforts efficiently. Expertise and guidance offered by the Concierge team helped Going face and overcome complex challenges and optimized their strategies for better performance.

Optimizing campaigns for record ROI

Leveraging the concierge team’s knowledge and experience, Going fine-tuned its marketing strategies to achieve higher returns on investments, includes optimizing landing pages, refining ad copy, and adjusting targeting parameters so that each campaign delivers maximum value.

Professional insights from the Concierge team let Going rapidly scale its marketing efforts, reaching a larger audience and driving more conversions. The result is a more efficient use of marketing resources and a major tangible boost in overall campaign performance.

Creating landing pages without developer dependency

Unbounce’s platform lets Going build landing pages without the need for developers or custom code. As a result, the marketing team can focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by technical challenges.

Using Unbounce’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, the team can quickly create, test, and optimize landing pages tailored to specific campaigns.

Agile landing page creation lets Going respond rapidly to market changes and customer feedback so that their marketing efforts stay both relevant and effective. Operating independently from developers speeds up the execution of campaigns and reduces costs, making the entire process more efficient and cost-effective.

Addressing scale and integration challenges head-on

Going anticipated complex challenges due to the scale of their testing and the required integrations. As the company aimed to run extensive A/B tests across multiple landing pages, they foresaw potential issues in managing the volume of tests and the complexity of integrating various marketing tools and platforms.

Ensuring seamless data flow and sustaining the integrity of the tests were primary concerns. The team needed to be prepared to handle the technical intricacies that come with scaling up their marketing efforts, including potential bottlenecks in data processing and analysis.

Key role of conversion scripts in data accuracy

A reliable conversion script was decisive for accurately transmitting and tracking data. Scripts needed to handle the high volume of interactions and make sure that each user’s actions were correctly recorded.

Without precise data transmission, integrity of the A/B tests would be compromised, leading to skewed results and misinformed decisions. To address this, Going needed to find a resilient and robust solution that could manage the complexities of their testing environment and provide accurate insights.

How Unbounce’s solutions simplified implementation

Unbounce’s services team provided an effective conversion script from the start. Offering a solution that worked well, Unbounce lifted a major burden from Going’s marketing team. As such, they could shift their focus to analyzing results and optimizing campaigns rather than troubleshooting technical issues.

Expertly executing A/B tests for optimal results

Experimenting with landing page elements

Going conducted multiple A/B tests to refine and optimize their landing pages, focusing on elements such as headlines, images, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Tests were designed to identify which combinations resonated most with users and drove higher engagement and conversions.

Systematically testing different variations helped Going gather actionable insights into user preferences and behavior and optimize their landing pages for maximum impact. In turn, each element contributed to the overall success of their marketing strategy.

Comparing CTA variants for maximum impact

One of the specific tests aimed to increase signups for Going’s paid premium subscription by comparing two different CTAs: “Sign up for free” and “Trial for free.” This test helped with understanding which message better encouraged users to start their free trial, with the ultimate goal of converting them into paying customers.

Testing these variants helped Going determine the most effective way to communicate the value of their premium offering and drive higher conversion rates.

Streamlining the testing process for better insights

Using Unbounce’s A/B testing tool, Going assured a 50/50 traffic split between the two CTA variants and consolidated all data on a single URL – eliminating discrepancies and providing clear, reliable data.

The effectiveness of this testing method let Going quickly identify the more successful CTA, implement it across their marketing campaigns, and observe the subsequent increase in signups

Incredible results from A/B testing

Reforming media spending with A/B testing

Insights gained from these tests allowed Going to allocate their media budget more productively, focusing on strategies that yielded the highest returns.

As a result, the conversion rate through paid channels surpassed that of organic channels for the first time – indicating that the investment in paid media was driving considerable value and making it a more attractive option for future marketing efforts.

Surpassing conversion rate milestones

Going expertly leveraged the potential of A/B testing to achieve a major milestone in their conversion rates. The data-driven effort clarified what resonates with users, allowing the team to better refine their strategies and continuously improve performance.

Achieving a 104% surge in trial starts

The A/B tests improved conversion rates and resulted in a substantial increase in trial start rates. Achieving a 104% month-over-month growth in trial starts exceeded all expectations and reinforced the vital importance of personalized, data-driven marketing strategies.

Surging trial starts gave a company a strong foundation for future growth, as more users experienced the value of Going’s premium offerings.

Driving massive business growth through expert testing

Successful implementation of A/B testing and the resulting increase in trial starts had a tangible impact on Going’s business growth. Continuously refining their marketing strategies and optimizing their campaigns has helped Going drive higher engagement, conversions, and ultimately, revenue.

Making informed, data-driven decisions let the company scale its efforts and achieve unprecedented growth, showcasing the raw power of careful and well-managed marketing and strategic investment in testing tools and resources.

Tim Boesen

June 26, 2024

10 Min