Comprehensive SEO, Web Marketing & Ad Campaigns

Latest SEO techniques

Okoone uses the latest SEO / SEF techniques and analytic tools to boost your page rankings

URL rewriting

Crucial to SEO, clean and nice looking URLs help increase search engine rankings and number of page views

Metadata for higher rankings

SEO helps you get higher ranking based on carefully selected keywords

Grow organic traffic

SEO increases natural traffic to your website or eCommerce platform

Social network presence

Get company pages registered on each and every social network and directories to increase users reach

Online content publishing

Publish blogs, news & events, posts and videos through different online channels

Online advertisement

Define and launch ad campaigns to increase your online visibility

Professional reports

Get reports to benchmark web marketing performance and get recommandations

Define and reach your target audience

A/B testing of demographic segments to monitor Average-Value-Per-Customer (AVC) and Cost-Per-Customer (CPC) ratio.

Best ROI and ad pricing model

A/B testing of ad campaigns pricing models based on CPC, CPM, CPA and CPL bids.

High interaction through impactful contents

Well designed ad contents and A/B testing on headlines and images for higher click-through rates.

Vitamins for your ad campaigns

Avoid ad fatigue by maintaining click-through rates throughout your campaigns by content and audience rotations.