NearMinder, the world's first app for contact & place reminders is live!


After a few months of design and development and several hundred cups of coffee, we’re proud to announce the official launch of NearMinder, a unique mobile app designed and built by Okoone for one of its global clients.

What is NearMinder?

NearMinder is the world’s first and only app that allows users to create and receive reminders (read notifications) based on their proximity to contacts and places. The initial idea originally came from the fact that people often forget to do important things when visiting places and meeting other people, or simply because they are unaware these places and people were around, which is what NearMinder is primarily addressing.

In a nutshell, NearMinder makes people’s life easier by reminding them to do things as they're on the go, moving around, meeting friends, co-workers or family members, passing by a shop, a restaurant or any particular location, and reminding them of everything they planned to do, right on the spot, at the right moment.

Some key NearMinder features

  • World-class mobile app with an engaging user experience
  • Distance-based task organizer to optimize time and moves
  • Several types of notifications (near distance / close distance / exiting close distance) until task completion
  • Real-time map to keep an eye on who and what’s nearby
  • Time and location tracking to see when a contact or a location is nearby
  • Quick contact call button to call a contact or a business in the area
  • Quick Google Map directions button to help users go to a nearby friend or location
  • Fancy widget to keep track of all nearminders and see at a glance what’s doable close by

What did we work on?

After performing a market research analysis aiming to unlock the true potential of the app concept, understand typical users’ behaviors and identify the right market segments and audience, our team piloted an ideation phase along with our client’s team to define the best set of core features for the app to reach its goals and build a powerful brand identity.

Our team then worked on building a sleek and modern app design closely with our UI/UX and mobile designers and started the development of a native Java Android app frontend coupled to a future-proof ultra-fast AWS / Node.js / Loopback API framework backend. This app backend is responsible for gathering and calculating real-time users’ location and their distances to nearby places and contacts in order to trigger several types of smart push notifications (near distance, close distance, exiting close distance) until tasks are marked as completed by users.

Along with the mobile app development, our team is also advising the client on a digital marketing strategy encompassing several channels to increase NearMinder’s visibility, market penetration and grow its user base.

The app is now available on Google Play Store, so feel free to download it and get your friends on-board!

NearMinder app screenshot 1NearMinder app screenshot 2 NearMinder app screenshot 3