Airvisual's new app version with node now on the App Stores!

Airvisual app and node

Okoone and Airvisual just released this week the latest version of Airvisual, the globally acclaimed air quality monitoring app. In addition to a more eye-candy interface, a revamped widget, better coverage and other substancial improvements, this new version offers the ability for users to connect, manage and display the data of their Airvisual node, a smart device providing real-time indoor air quality monitoring data (AQI index, CO2, humidity, temperature).

Airvisual node helps find the perfect balance between clean and fresh air by tracking invisible threats both indoors and out. The node allows users to discover sources of air pollution by quickly comparing indoor air quality with outdoor data from their nearest monitoring station, and visualize air quality and weather forecasts to plan ahead and optimize health and comfort during outdoor activities.

Here is a quick list of what's new in version 3.0:

- Support for indoor air quality monitors
- Better and faster widget
- Faster refresh rate
- Improved maps
- Improved notifications
- Added 500 more cities to the global air pollution coverage