AirVisual's iPhone app officially hits the App Store!

AirVisual iPhone app by OkooneHurray! We're proud to announce that the new AirVisual's iPhone app has officially been launched to the world. AirVisual air quality platform is a data-driven online community seeking to grow global awareness by providing community members access to historical, real-time and forecast air quality data.

AirVisual is the only app that delivers historical, real-time, and forecast air pollution, key pollutants and weather data for more than 4,000 cities in 15+ countries around the world. 

 The AirVisual app provides the following features:

  • Historical, real-time, and forecast air pollution data with detailed figures on key pollutants for more than 4,000+ cities in 15+ countries.
  • 72-hour air pollution and weather forecasts to help plan outdoor activities.
  • Health recommendations to lower health risk and achieve minimum exposure to pollutants.
  • Weather information with outdoor environment measures, temperature, humidity, and weather status and forecast, all in one place.
  • World map to explore real-time pollution indexes around the globe in a panoramic view.
  • Historical data graphs to view short term air pollution trends for the past 24 hours.
  • Share screenshots with friends via Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, or by email.
  • Air pollution community news to stay up to date on air pollution current events and breaking news.
  • Educational resources to build understanding of air pollution.
  • In-app forum delivering human interaction between air pollution community members.
  • Growing Coverage: China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, USA, Hong Kong and more - and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New Delhi, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York, and 4,000 others - in one place

Okoone is very proud to contribute to the success of this amazing project. The app will get frequent updates with new exciting features over the next months, so download the app and stay tuned!