Grandstream Networks' new identity and website launched!

Grandstream Networks' new corporate website (Okoone)We are pleased to announce the launch of Grandstream Networks’ new visual identity and corporate website. For those who don't know yet, Grandstream Networks is one of the world's largest manufacturer of IP voice & video, video surveillance as well as Gateways & ATAs. Grandstream serves the SMB and consumer markets with open standard SIP-based products. Grandstream Networks is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and employs more than 500 people worldwide in Plano, Texas, Los Angeles, California, Casablanca, Morocco, Valencia, Venezuela and Shenzhen, China.

The launch was officially unveiled during a global partner event held by Grandstream Networks in Boston early September gathering more than 120 partners from around the world. We've been extremely happy to work closely with Grandstream over the past 5 months and help making this event a success.

Grandstream product datasheetGrandstream’s new identity covers most of the company’s graphic materials: a modern and elegant logo reflecting the quality of Grandstream’s products, a refreshed color code, some eye-catching front page and product banners, new product feature icons, completely redesigned presentation decks and product datasheets, and several other marketing collaterals. 

The new Grandstream website offers a refreshing and engaging user experience to Grandstream’s clients and partners. It features a well-designed homepage with a rotating banner and featured product cards, several tens of product pages organized by categories and subcategories, several partners pages, a dedicated access to product resources to find firmware, tools, and documents, several news and event pages, FAQ, a contact form, some corporate information, and more... 

This new corporate identity and website is an important milestone in the company’s global strategy. Phil Bowers, Global Marketing Manager at Grandstream Networks commented during the event: “The world is changing and Grandstream is an actor of this change. We wanted our new identity and our new website to reflect the innovation lying in our products and offer the seamless and exciting user experience our clients and partners are expecting. To accomplish that, we’ve worked with Okoone, our technology partner, who has been a precious asset in helping us materialize our ideas.”.

Feel free to visit Grandstream’s website and contact Okoone to make your mobile and web projects a reality.